Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hipsters Vs. Hippies The Final Showdown [The Aftermath]

Comrades, the battle has been waged! Congratulations on our victory yesterday in Dolores Park. Surely, this is a battle that our children and our children's children will speak of for generations to come, be they hippies or hipsters or some ultra fad we will never understand, possibly involving holographic hot pants and scratch n' sniff tattoos. Below are some photos of the carnage:

Keep an eye out for more results of the aftermath as they come in, possibly from 7 x 7, SF Station, and the SFist. My condolences to all the photographers who got caught in the cross hairs, but such is the nature of war; it rarely cooperates for photo ops.

Special thanks to the folks at SF FUN CHEAP for helping us spread the word, and to all the folks who dragged their friends along and shared the news through the complicated series of tubes we call the internets. On a side note, this is definitely the first year that I've ever had my birthday yelped, or had nearly 900 people "like" it. So a personal thank you there.

Keep posted to this blog and our facebook page for further events: