Tuesday, October 30, 2012

UNDEAD BUSINESS LUNCH (for Day of the Dead)

November 2nd is the Day of the Dead- a time to show respect for the dead and to relish life. And to grab some lunch. Join us from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm in Justin Herman Plaza as The Squirt Gun Mafia stages an Undead Business Lunch.

Arrive in work clothes (yours or someone else's) and skull makeup. If you're unable to makeup your skull we'll try to do it for you. If you have extra fabulous makeup skills, please bring your bag of tricks to paint the skulls of others. Bring your lunch (and possibly some treats to share) and eat with some other skeletal friends, trade stock tips, complain about your boss, and share your fears about cold, hard inevitable death.

This lunch will take place in conjunction with the performance "Waking the Living" by Mirabelle Jones featuring 10 infernal nurses who will be issuing death certificates and burying alive select members of the gainfully employed public.

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/300096066761080/

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mythical Creatures Vs. SCIENCE!!! The Ultimate Squirtgun Showdown

IMPORTANT! DATE CHANGED to 09.30.12 to allow you more time to finish your yeti body suit.

Here at squirt gun mafia, we believe that the only proper and dignified way to settle disagreements is with guns, guns filled with water and perhaps followed by a batch of delicious baked goods. It's time once more for our annual no holds bared water war, inviting the fine upstanding citizens of the Bay Area to at last vent their frustrations with one another in a mature and sophisticated manner: by dressing up silly and hurling water at each other.

Last year we saw over a hundred hippies and hipsters battle to the bitter end in Dolores Park. This year, we're focusing on an issue more central to human nature, the ongoing battle of right brain vs. left brain, smock vs. tutu, calculator vs. crayon, test tube vs. fairy wand, a degree that might land you a job or one that will satisfy your creative yearnings, blood tests vs. crystals, astronomy vs. astrology, rapid eye movement vs. tiny invisible men tugging at your eyelids while you're asleep.

That's right! This year we will finally solve the problem that has plagued mankind for centuries: do we as human beings place our trust in cold hard SCIENCE or follow our beliefs in things that, sure, might not exist but are super neat and pretty anyway? We're asking you, mafia members, to help settle this dispute once and for all the only way we know how: with cold, wet warfare in the battle of MYTHICAL CREATURES VS. SCIENCE!!!

Where: Dolores Park, San Francisco
When: 09.30.2012 @ 2:00 (SHARP!)
Why: and z.
What: Come dressed to support your team and BRING YOUR OWN PRE-FILLED SQUIRT GUN & WATER BALLOONS. The water battle will rage as long as it does, followed by cupcakes.

See the FB event to RSVP / invite your friends & frenemies: https://www.facebook.com/events/410815198979318/


What should I bring? A squirt gun already filled (we will actually have filling stations this year, but they'll last longer if everyone comes ready to roll) and full water balloons if you got em. We'll have a few extra balloons and guns but they won't last long.  

I went last year. Can I still dress as a hippie or a hipster instead? I don't have a lot of clothes and / or am lazy. Sure. In fact, I'm pretty sure that hippies qualify as mythical creatures. And as for hipsters, well, their purpose in life is somewhat mythical.  

Where can I get a squirt gun? You can find ammunition at any Target / K-Mart / Big Lots / Walgreens-esque type of establishment. I also recommend consulting the internet if you have one of those.  

Can I bring my kids? Due to the serious nature of squirt gun warfare, we do not recommend bringing your offspring. This event is intended for childish adults, not for children. That said, if you have a teen or pre-teen that wants to throw down feel free to consider this "time with your teen day" using your own judgement.(After getting murdered by a teenager last year I fear and respect their presence at our events.) Worth noting: while we encourage our mafia members to maintain sobriety, they sometimes like to a) ignore our recommendation b) dump buckets of PBR on each other (that happened last year). As per usual, we take no responsibility for anything anyone does on account of the fact that people tend to be in control of their own brains and bodies.  

Should I wear a swim suit? That depends. Does your swim suit double as a lab coat?  

How does someone dress like "SCIENCE!!!" anyway? We're not sure. Have you tried consulting the scientific method?  

How does someone dress like a mythical creature? If I dress like the girl from Twilight does that count? Mythical creatures are defined by Lord H. W. Pfiffleberg's Posh-sounding Dictionary as any being or set of beings pertaining to or resulting from a mythical origin. For example: Fairies, Unicorns, Gnomes, Werewolves, Elves, Santa, Pegasus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Elvis, Your Brother's Character on World of Warcraft, and Bob Ross.  

I went last year. Can I still dress as a hippie or a hipster instead? I don't have a lot of clothes and / or am lazy. Sure. In fact, I'm pretty sure that hippies qualify as mythical creatures. And as for hipsters, well, their purpose in life is somewhat mythical.  

What do water fights have to do with science or mythical creatures? Why is this happening? I hate it. Everything and nothing. Because we said so. Good.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ikea Slumber Party (An Epic Group Napping Experience)

Thank you to everyone, mafia members and random passersby who came to nap with us at the Ikea Slumber Party! Below is a video one of our gang made covering the event. Also, check out the footage in The Daily Cal! We've also been written up by Laughing Squid and Design Taxi. For more photos, videos, and memories, check out the event page. For upcoming events (like our annual epic water battle coming up next month) join the Squirt Gun Mafia! As always, special thanks to SF Fun Cheap for helping to get the word out!

IKEA FLASH MOB July 2012 ::: from Stefano on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

IKEA Slumber Party Flashmob!

Come one, come all! For it is nap time! On Sunday July 8th at 7:00 PM, we will climb into the beds at IKEA Emeryville for a quick siesta. Please arrive ready for some intense napping action, preferably in your favorite jammies. Optional: tooth brush, blankie, alarm clock, teddy bear. Bring any friends who you think might look smashing in pajamas.

RSVP & Invite your cronies here: https://www.facebook.com/events/357810287622700/

You've Got ? , We've Got .

Q: Will there be enough beds?
A: We encourage people to get uber friendly with their fellow mafia members and pile in! Also remember: while we will focus our efforts on the bedroom showcase area, any bed in the store is free game. Although we discourage you from getting into anything you might break or that might break you.

Q: Is there a carpool?
A: Not at this time. But if you need a ride from somewhere or can offer a ride from somewhere, please post! Also, the Emeryville's unfortunately named Emery-Go-Round goes from MacArthur BART right to IKEA! How convenient!

Q: Will there be nap time? Milk and cookies? Bedtime stories?
A: Yes, yes and yes.

Q: Do we show up in our jammies or change into them or arrive exactly at 7 or what?
A: The element of surprise is essential. If you want to get there early, we recommend wearing a trench coat, bathrobe, or other concealing attire until the moment arises. At 7:00 p.m. we jump into the beds in our jammies. Please wait till 7 to commandeer your bed or you will spoil the surprise. You may spend the time prior to 7 gathering stuffed animals, Ofelias, Eivors, Henrikas whatever you feel you need to make yourself comfortable.

Q: Have the organizers cleared this with IKEA?
A: Wait, there are organizers?

Now sally forth and be sleepy, everyone!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Love Me, Love My Poncho

Do you love ponchos as much as we do? Come check out our Poncho-themed fashion show at Dolores Park 01.15.12 at 14:00. Wear your best poncho to participate on the catwalk!

Following this will be a big queer clothing swap, for your big queer new year.

More info at: http://lovemelovemyponcho.blogspot.com/
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/352293038119465/

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hipsters Vs. Hippies The Final Showdown [The Aftermath]

Comrades, the battle has been waged! Congratulations on our victory yesterday in Dolores Park. Surely, this is a battle that our children and our children's children will speak of for generations to come, be they hippies or hipsters or some ultra fad we will never understand, possibly involving holographic hot pants and scratch n' sniff tattoos. Below are some photos of the carnage:


Keep an eye out for more results of the aftermath as they come in, possibly from 7 x 7, SF Station, and the SFist. My condolences to all the photographers who got caught in the cross hairs, but such is the nature of war; it rarely cooperates for photo ops.

Special thanks to the folks at SF FUN CHEAP for helping us spread the word, and to all the folks who dragged their friends along and shared the news through the complicated series of tubes we call the internets. On a side note, this is definitely the first year that I've ever had my birthday yelped, or had nearly 900 people "like" it. So a personal thank you there.

Keep posted to this blog and our facebook page for further events: