Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ikea Slumber Party (An Epic Group Napping Experience)

Thank you to everyone, mafia members and random passersby who came to nap with us at the Ikea Slumber Party! Below is a video one of our gang made covering the event. Also, check out the footage in The Daily Cal! We've also been written up by Laughing Squid and Design Taxi. For more photos, videos, and memories, check out the event page. For upcoming events (like our annual epic water battle coming up next month) join the Squirt Gun Mafia! As always, special thanks to SF Fun Cheap for helping to get the word out!

IKEA FLASH MOB July 2012 ::: from Stefano on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

IKEA Slumber Party Flashmob!

Come one, come all! For it is nap time! On Sunday July 8th at 7:00 PM, we will climb into the beds at IKEA Emeryville for a quick siesta. Please arrive ready for some intense napping action, preferably in your favorite jammies. Optional: tooth brush, blankie, alarm clock, teddy bear. Bring any friends who you think might look smashing in pajamas.

RSVP & Invite your cronies here:

You've Got ? , We've Got .

Q: Will there be enough beds?
A: We encourage people to get uber friendly with their fellow mafia members and pile in! Also remember: while we will focus our efforts on the bedroom showcase area, any bed in the store is free game. Although we discourage you from getting into anything you might break or that might break you.

Q: Is there a carpool?
A: Not at this time. But if you need a ride from somewhere or can offer a ride from somewhere, please post! Also, the Emeryville's unfortunately named Emery-Go-Round goes from MacArthur BART right to IKEA! How convenient!

Q: Will there be nap time? Milk and cookies? Bedtime stories?
A: Yes, yes and yes.

Q: Do we show up in our jammies or change into them or arrive exactly at 7 or what?
A: The element of surprise is essential. If you want to get there early, we recommend wearing a trench coat, bathrobe, or other concealing attire until the moment arises. At 7:00 p.m. we jump into the beds in our jammies. Please wait till 7 to commandeer your bed or you will spoil the surprise. You may spend the time prior to 7 gathering stuffed animals, Ofelias, Eivors, Henrikas whatever you feel you need to make yourself comfortable.

Q: Have the organizers cleared this with IKEA?
A: Wait, there are organizers?

Now sally forth and be sleepy, everyone!